Dead Memories Part One

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I decided on Dead Memories for the name of this story, and I know that’s a SlipKnoT song but you’ll see why I chose that name when you get further in the story…
This is a Smosh fanfiction but you can read it if you don’t like Smosh or have never heard of them because it’s set before they were on YouTube anyway…
I don’t own Smosh, blah blah.
And the preview with Character Profiles is HERE
This is just basically an intro to how the story will be set out with a little drama towards the end…
Enjoy. Hopefully. ;D

"Hey, what up guys?" I asked, carrying my food towards the table I would usually sit with my best friends.
Kathleen, Lauren, Charlotte, me, Jake and Ian.
Jake hung out with us because he was dating Charlotte.
Everyone thought Ian had a crush on me and that was why he hung out with us, but I knew he liked another girl, Selena.
I was the only one to know that because everyone seemed to trust me with secrets and would come to me all the time with them - I didn’t mind, really.
I guess I did sort of like Ian, but I was glad he liked Selena in a way, because she was the most beautiful girl in school, and she was the only ‘popular’ girl who was actually nice …somehow.
She never acknowledged Ian, though.
I sat down in my usual place and began to eat.
"So, guys, did you hear about Kyla?" asked Lauren.
"I think we all heard about that," I replied inbetween mouthfuls of pasta.
"Well, apparently, she liked Anthony and she asked him out, but he said no!" Lauren replied.
"You know what, I’m not even surprised! We all knew she was acting strange around him," Kathleen chimed in.
"Stop with the girlie talk!" said Jake.
"Come on, it’s fun!" replied Charlotte.
"Here come the D-bags," I said, suddenly.
"Hell no. If one of them starts talking to us today. Ugh. I’m not in the freaking mood for them!" started Kathleen, already getting mad.
There were 3 guys who hung out together in school. They were the worst.
They were conceited and really looked down on everyone. Nobody ever really argued with them.
"Just forget about them," said Ian, competely cool. "There’s nothing they can do."
"Exactly. They’re nothing but stupid small minds with a big ego," I replied.
"Who?" I heard a voice ask. They were standing behind Lauren.
Great, I thought. Simon Robinson, Anthony Padilla and Nathan Jackson.
"Who did you say has a big ego?" Anthony asked again, looking me straight in the eyes.
I glared right back and said, “you. And your stupid little gang.”
"Look at you, you’re a pathetic loser!" Nathan joined.
"Oh, I’m offended!" I replied with sarcasm.
"You will be offended, you…" Simon started, walking over to me.
I stood up.
"Don’t fight with them, you’ll never hear the end of it, and neither will we." Charlotte said quietly. I ignored her and turned to Simon.
"Oh yeah, what you gonna do, huh, WHAT YOU GONNA DO?!" I yelled. Once I got angry, things got ugly…
Simon opened his mouth to speak but then Nathan pushed him out of the way and grabbed my shirt.
"I tell you what we’re gonna do. WE’RE GONNA GET YOU! And all of your pathetic friends! We will get you, one by one. Understand?!" Nathan yelled in my face.
I looked at him, lost for words.
"Well, DO YOU?"
"Yes!" I replied. "Now let me freakin’ go…" I said, pulled away and sat back down.
They glared at us and walked away.
I stared at the table.
Awkward silence.
It seemed everyone was sowly realising what Nathan had said.
"What am I going to do?" I said slowly.
Ian stood up. “Well I know what I’m going to do,” he said, already walking towards their table. “Hey, D-bags!” he shouted.
Everyone had heard now. Anthony looked up.
"Hell, no!" I said.
"They’re not gonna say that to you and get away with it," Ian said, and walked further towards their table. "Hey! Are you morons deaf or what?!" he shouted.
"Oh, no. They’re so gonna kill him," I whispered and put my head in my hands.

Smosh Fan-Fiction Idonthaveatitle Part 00/Intro - Character Profiles

Hey, this is my first fanfiction including Smosh…I thought, everyone else is doing it so I might as well give it a go ;)
Here are some profiles for the main characters. The person telling the story is Sihennah - you’ll find out why she doesn’t have a last name if you read into the story XD
I have seen some awesome writers on the Internet, though so I may not be as good as them XD
Anyhow, the whole thing should be like PG/13…Nothing sexual..x3 There is some violence, a lot actually, and mild cussing…and some censored things. Apart from that, it’s all good. Oh. and no slash. ;3
Hope you like it, I’m not that good at character profiles…oh, and I DON’T OWN ANY OF THE FOLLOWING PICTURES [I just wanted to give you guys an idea of what they looked like!]
Here goes…

Charlotte Brown
Hair: Mousy brown with blonde highlights.
Eyes: Hazel.
Style: Sassy.
Personality: Feisty and loves to gossip about others.

Kathleen James
Hair: Slightly bleached to light brown.
Eyes: Dark brown.
Style: The kind of girl to wear a mini skirt that looks like a belt thinking it will impress people.
Personality: Kind, but vein and fickle.

Lauren Thomas
Hair: Bright, ginger hair with curls.
Eyes: Light blue.
Personality: Generally nice on the surface but can be deceiving.
Style: Casual - an old t-shirt and sweats will work just fine for her.

Selena Jones
Hair: Light brown/dark blonde with waves.
Eyes: Piercing blue.
Personality: She looks innocent, but she uses this to her advantage and  you can never tell what she is planning beneath the surface.
Style: Girlie.

Hair: Dyed platinum blonde.
Eyes: Piercing green.
Personality: Feisty, short temper but sometimes good at hiding her emotions. She bottles everything up below the surface.
Style: Scene

Nathan Jackson
Hair: Blond.
Eyes: Brown.
Personality: Has no respect for anyone below him and enjoys bullying people to make them feel worthless in comparison.
Style: Casual.

Simon Robinson
Hair: Brown, relatively short.
Eyes: Grey.
Personality: Willing to be a puppet if it means he can be ‘somebody’.
Style: Often formal, but will fit in with whatever trends are going around.

Anthony Padilla
Hair: (We all know this ;D)
Eyes: Fine, they’re dark brown x3
Personality (FOR THE STORY ONLY): Feels threatened by the ‘cool kids’, and like Simon in some ways. Deep down, he can always be an overall nice person… if he wants to be.
Style (FOR THE STORY ONLY): Average…Um…yahh.
Jake Smith
Hair: Short. Brown.
Eyes: Clear, a mix of colour centering around grey.
Personality: Quiet. Boyish. (xD)
Style: Casual - sweats and t-shirt.

Ian Hecox
Hair: (…We know this too, just how it was in 2005. Good :D)
Eyes: Blue, clear (yeah, yeah, we all know his eyes are awesome. Moving on ;3)
Personality (THIS STORY ONLY): Kind, sometimes intimidated easily by others.
Style: Eh…casual? Normal? (xD)

OK guys, thanks for reaaaading :’D
I will post Chapter One by …Wednesday 23rd, hopefully :]

~ ’Sihennah’<3